Mind over matters?

I just had a very pleasant conversation with an old friend about work and spiritualism. I asked him, "Can mind be self-controlled, constantly?" And he said, "Yes!" "Meditation"
I can really connect with it. I was up all night and I kept thinking about a certain obsession. I could have easily gone into a bad trip if I was the same person that I used to be two months ago. This time, I could very easily switch to a better food for thought. I projected my energies I was wasting thinking about a certain bad aspect of my life that brings a bad feeling with it to something that is going to help me and people around me. It brought a good feeling to my heart, a feeling of being worth something.
Even if you don't meditate, you must at least think about good things and get in a habit of switching your thoughts to better things in life. It used to seem impossible for me a little while ago.
Mind over body does really work well for me when I am terminally ill. So why not mind over all the matters?
I am really looking forward to learning and practicing meditation this week. I used to think of it as an escape tool for the weaklings who couldn't deal with the real problems. I know I was wrong because meditation to me now is knowing myself better in the path of becoming a better person everyday, in the path of evolution of my soul.

One Year!

From knowing to not knowing,
From wanting to not wanting,
From needing to not needing,
And Loving to not loving..
It's amazing how a year changed everything about me.
My perspective, My ambitions, My needs and wants!
It's amazing how I feel like a Zebraness between the blacks and the whites of life.
From chronically depressive to joyfully spiritual,
and from 100's of new people to sticking to the old bunch..
It's amazing how I have grown as a person in just one year.
From spiritually sleeping to waking up,
From intellectually high to higher..
It's a journey that has had many highs and lows.
again, Its amazing how I can see things clearly in just one year!
So here's to an eventful year...
There won't be any old mistakes, room for new ones..
There won't be emotionally falling for anyone who is not worth, no room.
There will be loads of loving people in my life who are actually worth it and there will be lots and lots of joy and happiness!!! I am sure.

Lessons learnt!

After a lot of thinking and self realization, introspection that is, I have finally understood somethings for good. It's worth sharing I guess.
Don't do something permanently stupid because you're temporarily upset.
You might as well stay calm and control your feelings instead of doing something stupid which will only damage things for you in the future. Calm makes it easy.

Never regret. If its good, its wonderful. If its bad, its experience.
Someone told me if you really want to stay happy, don't regret your past. What is done is done. If you did something wrong, accept it and apologize. Never repeat the same mistakes. Don't tell anybody that whatever you did, you didn't mean it. It's not proper. And whatever happened, move on and learn from it, bad is also an experience.

Don't look back and ask why. Look ahead and say why not?
It is better to look back at something you have done than to look back and regret what you have not. At least you have had the experince and now you know you do not wish to do that. Take chances because life is for living and that means doing what makes you happy, never regret something that makes you happy. Think positive about the future and say why not. No regret of the past, total hope for the future.

Forgiveness has a power. It is an attribute of the strong. It helps you to heal and it is also a key to happiness. Let go!


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