Mind over matters?

I just had a very pleasant conversation with an old friend about work and spiritualism. I asked him, "Can mind be self-controlled, constantly?" And he said, "Yes!" "Meditation"
I can really connect with it. I was up all night and I kept thinking about a certain obsession. I could have easily gone into a bad trip if I was the same person that I used to be two months ago. This time, I could very easily switch to a better food for thought. I projected my energies I was wasting thinking about a certain bad aspect of my life that brings a bad feeling with it to something that is going to help me and people around me. It brought a good feeling to my heart, a feeling of being worth something.
Even if you don't meditate, you must at least think about good things and get in a habit of switching your thoughts to better things in life. It used to seem impossible for me a little while ago.
Mind over body does really work well for me when I am terminally ill. So why not mind over all the matters?
I am really looking forward to learning and practicing meditation this week. I used to think of it as an escape tool for the weaklings who couldn't deal with the real problems. I know I was wrong because meditation to me now is knowing myself better in the path of becoming a better person everyday, in the path of evolution of my soul.


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